The candidate shall only be on rolls if he deposits the fee as per instructions. 1st installment is due at the time of admission.

  • If a candidate fails to remit the fee up to the specific date, his right to get admission is lost and admission to the next applicant on merit shall be offered. No representation shall be acceptable at this stage.
  • Fee is received in advance monthly.
  • A fine of Rs. 50 per day shall be levied if a student fails to deposit his/her fee up to15 days beyond the notified date for the subsequent month.
  • If one does not care to deposit even after this limit, his / her admission shall be cancelled. The re-admission shall only possible after depositing the re-admission fee and due fine.

Fee concession policies:

  • In tuition fee to the ward of Defense persons

    5% wave off

  • In tuition fee to ward of 'Shuhadas'

    50% wave off

  • Scholarship in tuition fee to students if they get distinction in PBTE exam.

    50% wave off

  • Waiver for Orphan    

    50% wave off

  • Concession to AIT's Employee

    50% wave off

Fee concession may be given to the intelligent students based on performance as per rules for the next academic years.


  • The Security shall be refunded after the completion of the program if nothing is found outstanding against the student.
  • A student shall get his / her security refunded within 3 months of the last examination. It may be confiscated after that period and will be used for college/ students welfare.
  • If a student leaves studies for any reason, only security shall be refunded.

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